Friday, huh? The new music you want? Well, we have this for you. Aunt Caris is literally going back to her “own” roots with her “own” first single, which she made since she joined the famous camping next to the scoundrels 32 and Hamzaa. Aunt Caris, a British rapper and freestyle rap killer, made a bold announcement about her arrival in 2020 and released her first single “English x Gal”. Born on Instagram, Tia flourished in the jungle of music lovers and found her in the spotlight thanks to her incomparable energy and permanent bars. Music C Crons is a global platform for the discovery of music performers, a hallmark of the best independent and recently signed artists in the world. Accompanied by images that are all that can be expected from the topic under discussion, Ray Fiasco puts Tia Caris against the background of “favorite” sets of “English and Ghanaian” sounds. The gentle combination that makes she the proud English queen of x Ghanaian, who with this impressive first time, undoubtedly reveals her personality. With her evil intent and funny charm, she refers to domestic fights for spices and a distorted forehead, as well as the fall of bars consisting of difficult days, giving the impression that she is not one of the people. The aunt documents her Anglo-Ganay heritage and includes her character, energy, spirit and self-confidence in bars, while she proudly observes the different aspects of different cultures that make them different. The result is a perfect introduction to a confident young star who answers all the questions and creates the background for a well-constructed lyrical biography. The company is designed by industry experts for those looking for a passionate team to join them and create a personalized campaign to promote their products.

Tia Carys