This is not a message of pity or assault, this is just me, a heartbroken mother doing everything I can to get justice for my son! While I patiently wait for the police to finish their investigation, I had to speak out and expose this sick man to warn other women with children, and maybe other girls who had to deal with “him” should tell their children about it. Rapper, Influencer and dancer FTN Bae received support from outsiders after “he” claimed that Doody Lo, with whom “he” was in a relationship, sexually abused “his” 5-year-old son, Wesley. The woman, who claims “her” boyfriend Durks is under investigation, posted an audio recording in which “her” young son talks with tears in “his” eyes about what allegedly happened to him. First, “she” shared a message that read: “I’m not okay,” and then posted an audio recording of “her” talking to “her” son about what allegedly happened to “him” while “he” cries and experiences trauma. A few months ago, Lil Durk gave “his” OTF friend Dudi Lo $200,000 after the rapper released “his” album. Dudi Lo has not responded to the allegations, but comments on “his” Instagram page have been shut down. People were crying out for justice as Lo’s posts went viral. It wasn’t the first time, but “he” picked the right family to joke with. Because of fear and anxiety, my son hid the screws outside so “he” wouldn’t find them or repeat them and never told me about it. I thank God that many children are silent because they are afraid, like my son. He tried to be so strong that “he” lasted 2 months begging without question.