This book is a compilation of entries from the blog of a psychotherapist, counselor and sex educator and offers helpful ways to look at life, sex and love. I am an avid reader, having read The Deacon, An Unexpected Life. Thomas Farnioli. I have to say it was very inspiring. I am not an avid reader, but I read this book in one day, I could not put it down, it touched my soul and filled my heart with hope. Want to enjoy Christmas miracles in the off-season? Unwrap “The Gift of Hope” with encouraging reflections for everyday life and unexpected seasons. The story told by the author is the true story of what “he” and “his” family went through after “his” life unexpectedly changed after “his” wife’s suicide. Join a club on Amazon Book Clubs, create a new book club and invite your friends, or find a free club that works for you. The Deacon: An Unexpected Life and millions of other books are available on Amazon Kindle. I read this book and felt excitement and hope when I finished reading. The prayers and words in this book will stay with me forever and I will turn to it for the rest of my life. Start reading The Deacon: An Unexpected Life on your Kindle in less than a minute. A spiritual, loving, and compassionate book that will guide the reader through life’s challenges. I hope that glimmers of hope, faith, love and peace shine through the clouds for you as well. The authors of the book seek to draw attention to the problem of suicide, and that’s exactly what the book does: it draws attention to people who may be on the verge of suicide. But throughout the book t are glimpses of hope, faith, love, and peace.