The remix was produced by Dylan Brady of 100 Gecs and featured pop shockers such as Dorian Electra, Big Freedia and 3OH!3. In 2011, at the age of 13, Rebecca Blacks’ life changed forever when “her” first song “Friday” and its accompanying video went viral. Rebecca Black released a hyperpop remix of “her” viral single Friday in honor of “her” 10th birthday. The Los Angeles singer, who has released several hits including Do You, Heart Full Of Scars and The Great Divide, can now add RIAA gold certification to “her” list of accomplishments after receiving gold certification for Friday earlier this week. The song displays 2010s style in a hypnotic, futuristic world, with footage of an iconic black car turning into a technicolor drag race between “her” and Dorian Electra, with a new gold record of the song sitting in the passenger seat. The video and song became the talk of the entire country and created an iconic moment in music history. The remix also features a music video directed by Weston Allen that is the exact opposite of the original. UKF and Liquicity marked their 10th anniversary with a colorful drum and bass release from Dutch legend Maduk. After ten years of some of the harshest reviews an artist can get, Rebecca Black is still in the game, carrying the torch and writing singles. mau5trap brought a full house with him. The German DJ and music producer hopes to get people back on the dance floor after a brutal year in the gym. Yolandas Be Cool’s tenth anniversary release turns a nostalgic swing-house hit into a shocking hit. Alison Wonderland hasn’t released music under the Whyte Fang name since January 2014. The remix album represents the incredible range of genres Apashe can cross.