The normal cabin lighting was dimmed, so a quick swirl of neon light from outside cars and glow from passengers with LED headphones bathed the room in a sea of color. The Discovery Mode feature showed the audience the most Spotify music available, contradicting the original value proposition. Charles B. entertained passengers for two and a half hours, while many stood in the aisles wiggling their feet. This weekend, French dance music artist Charles B. threw a party at 30,000 feet. DJ Snake called the expanded collaboration between Big Bang and Hublot, of which only 100 will be produced, a dream come true as “he” has worn the brand for more than a decade. Take your wrist at EDC Las Vegas 2021, the 25th anniversary of the iconic music festival. Fans are reading between the lines to see if Hardwells’ recent public appearance is a comeback. However, we couldn’t verify whether or not this flying rave set a world record. This new Spotify playlist from deadmau5 will provide hours of entertainment. The event ended just two hours after it started. The second day of the EDC Las Vegas virtual rave ton kicked off with a big bang. DJ Geddes raised £5,000 for charity, raising £6. Kaskade played a six-hour set in San Francisco. Here are some photos from “his” performance.