The next movie in the franchise, Jackass Forever, is slated for 2022, and while it is clear that “he” will not be involved in a fourth installment, everyone “he” starred with in the first three films seems to want Margeras to do what “he” can for himself and “his” mental health before considering a return to the franchise. After a decade of fame and fortune thanks to skateboarding, the Jackass movie series and Viva La Bam, Marjoras’ own television show, the next decade was not so kind. After being fired from Jackass, Margeras allegedly threatened to kill director Jeff Tremaine and “his” children and obtained a restraining order. After the drunken death of Jackass contestant Ryan Dunn in 2011, Margera is in a depressed state. The skateboarder eventually sued Jackass, and last week Margera was placed in rehab in Florida after police responded to reports of “his” aggressive behavior on the street. Years of mental health problems, alcoholism and drug addiction led to several arrests and “his” departure from the Jackass franchise in early 2021. Let us know in the comments what you think of Bem Margeras’ situation, and let us know if you’ll be watching Jackass Forever when it comes out in February. Whether that will happen remains to be seen, and all we have to do is watch Margeras try to find “his” way to recovery. Bam Marjera is on one of the most hellish roller coasters we’ve seen in a minute. The daredevil skater has violated the conditions that the Jackass team put in front of him. Tell us about Hot New Hip Hop News. Hotel Pete.