The Lost Boy rapper deleted “his” Instagram page in August, a classic move to alert fans to new music, but it’s been two months, and Cordaes’ interview with Daniel Mac is the only update we have. Cordaes and Mac exchange pleasantries, and the 24-year-old rapper explains that “he” makes “his” living from music and released “his” debut album, The Lost Boy, in 2019. Mack recently caught up with the Cordae rapper as “he” drove around “his” neighborhood in a classic Mercedes Benz 280 SL, a $350,000 car that was only produced from 1967 to 1971. Listen below to Cordaes’ recent freestyle with Adin Ross on the Drakes Way 2 Sexy bit and let us know what you expect from “his” new album in the comments. If you’ve been scrolling through the TikToks Discover page or Instagram over the past year, chances are you’ve seen at least one of Daniel Mack’s videos. Mack continues to answer questions about the status of “his” upcoming album, and Corday has given fans a promising update. His Instagram page is full of rich people sitting around in fancy cars explaining what they do for a living and how they achieved luxury. In an era when artists typically release multiple albums, the more than two years that have passed since Cordae’s last album seemed like an eternity. Rapper Lost Boy drove the 50-year-old Benz to talk about “his” new album. Mac, who goes by the name Itsdanielmac on Instagram, is the kind of person who walks up to people in luxury cars and asks what they’re doing. I promise, I’m almost done,” Corday assured. Fans may hope it means something later or before the end of 2021, but t’s no way to know until then. What exactly “sooner than you think” means, of course, is debatable.