This year, nearly 80 cars of all makes and models have enrolled in the event, which started at the Tire Rack headquarters in South Bend, Indiana.

The Drive recently had the opportunity to chat with Woody Rogers, a product information specialist at the Tire Rack and a One Lap of America veteran.

In the end, teams have to use only one set of tires and they can only carry one spare per size.

It’s not hard for the tires nowadays, as tire performance, much like the cars’, has come a very long way in recent years.

Another thing that’s important when it comes to tires is the ride quality and how well they can adapt to different conditions.

WR: Yes, they buy their own tires and they have to be sourced from Tire Rack inventory.

We brand them on the side wall to make sure they run the same tires we sourced them and everything is fair when they get to inspection.

First, visually inspect your tires about once per month.