We wanted to do something unexpected and approach the song from a different angle,” Diamond Rowe says of the music video for “You Never Listen.” Tetrarch who released his debut album “Freak” in 2017, has just announced that his sophomore album “Unstable” will be released April 30. While watching the video, Boy encounters inner voices and visions in his head, represented by band members who appear and disappear as he struggles to figure out what’s real and what’s not. Watch the “You Never Listen” music video at the bottom of the page and read the lyrics below. “You Never Listen” is for those who have experienced or are still experiencing a relationship breakup, whether it be with a family member, friend, partner or even themselves. “The idea behindYou Never Listen’ is to be able to sayenough’ and get rid of these toxic situations,” explains vocalist and guitarist Josh Foret. The song is built on wild rhythms and a mellow beat that blurs the line between modern hard rock and industrialized heavy metal. “Conceptually, the video follows a young boy who is clearly making a mistake in a dirty house.” You can also check out the full track listing and album artwork for Unstable on the video player. Musically, we don’t hesitate to show that as artists we don’t want to be “screwed up,” and I think we’re really showing the world what kind of band we want to be. With the futuristic touch that Tetrarch has given to his latest track, things will move fast. To pre-order the album that Napalm Records has released, go . Too often it happens that people we’ve had close relationships with, or people we thought we knew well, show a dark and different side of themselves that pushes us away. This is an album of anxiety. 2021 Loudwire, Townsquare Media, Inc.

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