Tessa Thompson and Lily James play Ollie and Deb, adopted sisters traversing their now-deserted North Dakota oil boomtown, selling illegal drugs and working long diner shifts to pool cash to terminate Deb’s pregnancy.

“This movie broke my heart. Every time I would think about these two sisters, and think about a reality in which they don’t figure out how to come together, just killed me. Because I just think of my sisters, and what those relationships mean to me.” James and Thompson talked with Vulture about sisterhood, and making a movie that personalizes today’s politics.

Particularly in a movie that’s about sisterhood in a familial way, it’s really also cool just to be working inside of something that feels like a sisterhood, on set.

A question for both of you: Is t a character that you want to play that you don’t think you’ve gotten a chance to play yet?LJ: I feel like I’m just starting and all I want to do is keep trying to find different people, different explore different parts of myself, I think.

Then playing someone that is – you know, I got to do it a little bit with playing Diane Nash, but just playing someone that was a person.

To able to – not to play it, because you can’t play it – but, to be able to project majesty and the effervescence a princess, I was like, “Hey!”.

Tessa, Janelle MonĂ¡e’s album and “Emotion picture” comes out this week, and you’re playing a lead role in the visual.