Terry Crews might be a badass former NFL star and Expendables actor, but of all things, hot wings have beat him.

The very brave Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor went on First We Feast for an interview and while they asked him questions, they fed him progressively hotter hot wings and he went to pieces.

He seemed alright until he got to The Walking Dead hot sauce; that’s when it started to get tough for him, though he was still pretty cont.

When he got to Da Bomb hot sauce, he started to get breathless, but he kept going.

Poor Terry then tried Mega Death hot sauce, which had him yelling his head off, and that’s when the hallucinating began and he was seeing three of the host.

Elsew, Crews has returned for Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s fifth series, w he plays NYPD Sergeant Terry Jeffords.

He also recently starred alongside Adam Sandler and Kate Hudson in Sandy Wexler.