Former NFL quarterback and now-Fox NFL Sunday co-host Terry Bradshaw told Fox News at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, that being at any NFL game you witness a lot more than the camera can capture.

“You can’t capture the speedthe speed is astounding and the impact, the cameras don’t capture the impact the hits.”

The 68-year-old legend has turned his NFL career into a fantastic broadcasting one.

More than the broadcast, Bradshaw loves the guys he hosts NFL Sunday with.

“Howie and I have been together for 23 yearswe are all buddies. We watch college football on Saturdays; we hang after the show when we are in studio 12 hours and we still hang at night. We talk during the week to one another. We are really good friends and we know each other’s families.”

Bradshaw even joked about the halftime performance by Lady Gaga.

“She’ll be lip syncing, can’t screw that up can you? Oh you can” he said with a laugh.

At the Super Bowl LI press conference on Thursday Bradshaw jokingly asked Gaga if her grandmother was single.