Video JERUSALEM – Two Palestinian gunmen posing as restaurant patrons opened fire on civilians in a popular Tel Aviv cafe on Wednesday night, killing four people and reigniting fears of terrorism in Israel just as a recent wave of Palestinian attacks had seemed to be waning.

Video footage showed customers fleeing in panic and a security officer repeatedly firing at one of the gunmen in a nearby street.

Tel Aviv has suffered a number of deadly attacks since a wave of Palestinian assaults began last October in Jerusalem and the West Bank and spread to cities around Israel.

Video In January, two Israelis were killed in a shooting outside a bar on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv.

In March, a Palestinian went on a stabbing rampage along a coastal promenade near Tel Aviv, killing an American combat veteran who was a graduate student at Vanderbilt University.

Photo To carry out their attack, the gunmen picked the Max Brenner chocolate bar in the Sarona complex, an open-air entertainment and shopping district in the heart of Tel Aviv close to Israel’s military headquarters.

Ofer Newman, a witness, said that four gunshots rang out, scattering people in all directions, and that a second burst of fire quickly followed.