Cruz, angling to be the primary field’s most hard-line candidate against illegal immigration, said at the CNN Reagan Library debate, “A majority of the men and women on this phase have previously and freely adopted amnesty. I’m the only candidate on this stage that has never supported amnesty.”

We Have previously discovered that in modern politics, the standard for amnesty is the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, supported and signed by President Ronald Reagan.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., by Cruz’s standards, has been a clear supporter of amnesty, as he was a member of the Gang of Eight.

During The time, he explained the bill was “Not amnesty,” and we rated that claim Half True due to the obscure nature of the term “Amnesty.” Since then, Rubio emphasized border security and has softened his support for a path to citizenship, however he supports passing immigration laws.

In 2010, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he supported a “Common-sense path to citizenship.” But he explained he’s changed his mind with no longer supports this type of course.

Cruz said at the next Republican discourse, “A bulk of the women and men on this phase have previously and freely embraced amnesty. I’m the only candidate with this stage who has never supported amnesty.”