T was once a time when Taylor Swift was most known for her hit songs and, yes, her high-profile relationships that pretty obviously inspired them.

The breakup came just two months after Harris released his Rihanna-featuring hit “This Is What You Came For” and in July of that year, Swift’s team went public with the news that Swift had co-wrote the song under the Swedish pseudonym Nils Sj√∂berg.

The temporary video appeared to show Swift verbally signing off to West’s mention of her in the song, even saying his description of wanting to have sex with her was a “Compliment.”

The Reclamation: Swift and Snake Make Cryptic Social Media AppearanceOn Friday, Swift shocked fans around the world by apparently not just ditching the snakes, but all of social media.

Could Swift be reclaiming the snake as hers, embracing it as a sort of rebirth in image and career?

Whatever the case, the saga of Swift and snake seems sure to continue.