Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy ended up hurling insults at each other today after Reid’s interview on McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show took a wonderfully awkward turn.

Reid, who is promoting “Sharknado 4” yes, t’s a fourth one didn’t take kindly to McCarthy, who very innocently asked about her latest gig on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” with boyfriend Dean May. “I have to talk to you about ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ because I f―king love you on that show. But are you glad you did it?” McCarthy asked, prompting Reid to deflect and to try to turn the focus back to “Sharknado.”

When McCarthy pressed on about the show, Reid politely refused.

McCarthy asked Reid if she had to get in shape for the movie.

Once they established that Reid didn’t do anything crazy beyond her standard yoga, McCarthy started asking her about her much-publicized history with plastic surgery.

This again proved to be a topic that Reid didn’t seem to have much interest in discussing, since she told McCarthy she had already said she had no interest having anymore surgery at least 100 times.

McCarthy: Good luck with “Sharknado,” and I hope you stay married.