The crime scene incident was filmed by camera, and these footage showed that Bonitz begged to leave the security bars at the Lizard Lounge in Lancaster Lancaster. After the scene was lowered, the guard raised Bonitz to the floor and lowered the singer’s head. The following sequence shows that Tallah ends the Placenta and Bonitz under the direction of other security forces. “The guard was wearing a black shirt that said “Security” on his back, and the rest of the guards were wearing bright yellow shirts,” said Loudwire drummer Max Portnoy. Instead of meeting the judge, the charges against Bonitz were dropped and the singer was released at around 4am. Tallach returned home about 90 minutes after Lancaster, so his “truck” wasn’t t and the band wasn’t staying at the next hotel. Tallach searched all day for his “own” singer and even hung up posters saying that Bonitz should return to the police station. According to the tailor, after Bonitz fell off his feet, the guard threw the singer Tallahova into the wall. Bonitz resisted an attempt to catch him by lifting his pants, allowing the singer to hit the male guard while he was hanging on the ceiling. The guards wrapped Bonica in their “own” embrace after he pushed the musician down. It is said that the police rejected Tallah’s call for help in finding Bonitz. “He was arrested and taken down the street to the ROVD,” explains Tailor’s office. Fuck him. Fuck him. “It’s not clear if t’s a security negotiation going on . After the crowd protested against the dismantling, one voice said: “The bastard spit in my face.

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