This week actress and Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon told Chris Hayes that she was not sure if she could bring herself to vote for Hillary Clinton if she wins the nomination.

What she is unsure about, and what she is waiting “To see what happens,” is unknown and unclear, but the apparent reasoning behind her hesitation is absurd-not only from the point of view of the Democratic Party, but also, and even especially, for the socialist revolution Sanders wants to create and Sarandon says she supports.

They have a greater focus on satisfying their egos’ thirst for an immaculate politician who can “Shake up” the establishment than caring about socialism and the principles of the common good that influence the ideology that Sanders represents.

My friend is white, and we have had numerous conversations about race relations over the years, and seeing images of Sanders as a college student put himself at risk for the betterment of others made him want to be a better person.

For those Sanders supporters who are looking for Sanders to change America, they should take heart in the fact that Sanders’s progressive ideals are currently changing the shape of the Democratic Party.

For the 33 percent, including Sarandon, who have placed Sanders on a pedestal above his ideals, and have entertained becoming Trump supporters or abstaining from voting in the general election if Sanders does not win the nomination, they should know that they, and their egos, will be doing more harm than good for the collective, progressive, socialist revolution that they desperately want to make a reality.