Surveys are useful for new studies, but if the data already exist and can be used, why not use them? It is often difficult for the average citizen to interpret the meaningful results of existing data sets, making them perfect for content creation campaigns. In any successful content campaign, make sure t is something worthwhile, that is surprising and that is based on data for optimal success. How do you know if your content is worth spreading a virus? Domenica D’Ottavio, Fractl’s Brand Relations Manager, uses examples to explain the key elements of successful content campaigns. The idea of content itself should not be surprising, i.e. researching culinary habits, as long as only one component of the data is shocking. In this article, I will present two examples of content marketing campaigns that contained the element of surprise and explain why they were set up this way to be successful. In a content campaign for a career-related client, we wanted to know how much money you can make in various professions that do not require a degree. The key to successful content campaigns in any niche is to serve your audience first. After airing on CNBC, this campaign was broadcast by many career and working editors who wanted to engage their audience and provide these amazing and informative results. Fractl’s first in-depth study of viral emotions revealed that the most common emotions evoked by consuming viral content are entertainment, interest and surprise. After the initial placement in the Washington Post, the campaign spread like wildfire across the Internet, bringing dozens of publishers, including USA Today, Thrillist and The Daily Meal, to the top of the rankings from a total of 145 press mentions to facilitate the execution of the survey. After running thousands of content campaigns, we have these three emotions in mind when we create content – especially the element of surprise. This content campaign is a perfect example of how few data points can accommodate a campaign. Many brands and companies want to produce content that is not only entertaining, but also informative and useful to their audience. When producing surprising content that can also be informative, think about the impact of the information. Amanda Milligan, Fractl’s Marketing Director, looks at how different brands are responding to the COVID 19 crisis with content.