Whether it’s proto-punk, breakbeat and Pengshui’s dirty mix, or Bristol Gardna’s dubby style with neo-root reggae Eva Lazarus, every corner of Nosworthy Farm has a touch of hip hop. We haven’t been informed of the names of those who will bring CW Jones to the stage as part of their acquisition of Bone Dry Records, but we can expect something that transcends the musical boundaries of hip hop. For the hip-hop leaders in Nozstock on Friday, this happy twist comes when our acquisition ends in a toril. That’s why we’ve developed a complete guide to the hip-hop tracks that will decorate the stages of Nosworthy Farm this year. In addition, In The Balance Signing and Verbal Highz Angry-Bird G00SE, Jinxta JX and barman Wishmaster, who will perform, and this avalanche of Bristol rhythms and bars is guaranteed in gold. Last year, they broke a Garden Stage set and recorded the following video for ‘Takin’ Over’ on location. Reggae, punk, soul, techno, electronica, DnB and all the other genres; whatever your bag is, we can say that Nozstock covered it. The London-Caribbean EMcee, based on last year’s Huckleberry EP, is ready for this year’s release and “their” bullfighting show could be the starting field. And if that’s not enough, t are a lot of artists who come up to the Nozstock stage and rock with their own hip-hop sound. In addition to releasing one of last year’s best albums, Dabbla has destroyed festivals from Iceland to Australia. This year, we are proud to welcome some of the UK’s most interesting underground bands.

Nozstock Summer Sickness