I would like to expand the operators of the Brixton Stack Up Sound System so that they can swing with us and provide the system for switching it on! And don’t forget that Mighty Murk FM, our home band that has been working with us for 3 years, is back in Brixton. Well, I’d say t’s never been a time when t’s been a little hiccup in the flow and supply, but that’s what freestyling is, they stutter and step on the show, so yeah, but the mind is beginning to appreciate the eclectic pattern of vibration over time. We’ve been rapping for 3 years now, from casual meetings in places like Chip Shop & Grow Hackney to the energy that makes everyone fight and chase. The parishioners have been for just over a few years and were born out of our other events in Brixton. I have to say that it rained a few years ago, but we managed to create a lot of pavilions, which had a real delirium in the sound of Shumba oaks. As part of our preparations for tomorrow’s Brixton audience, we met with Isaac B., a poster designer and ceremonial master, to receive information about the meeting this weekend. The meeting is first and foremost a community and a meeting of people from different backgrounds in the heart of Brixton. The Sabbath line-up looks sick and offers an eclectic selection of lyrical performances for people who may be delighted. The friendly distributor has allowed us to connect to the site and offers us AP-space for festive events so far. Come back tomorrow at 12:00 with your family, what if? FREE OF CHARGE on Windrushplane for us. The free and cozy style of you and the Emp Medley is a kind of cornerstone So what? The mysteries of DJ Snaff in the jungle, if you accept the challenge, I must be creative. As hosts of Rise or The MC parties, they both have a representative who runs the hip-hop freestyle. As far as I understand, since I was originally an American rapper, I must say NOW.