At the end of 2018, t was the glorious release of Jazzy and the start of Link Up as well as an album by CBT: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with producer Carns Hill, who for a first album mixes the rhythmic elements of the trap with musical depth and disarming vocal versatility. Think of this crude basement baptism that received an impetuous rhythm for the kind of lyrical complexity and dexterity that characterizes the currents of some of the greatest British underground hip-hop presenters who follow in the footsteps of Task Force. Beyond rap, the filling of the Fresharda dance floor will bring “their” mix of dancehall and reggae to the stage, and for more dancehall-influenced music in the wine with a RnB side, Cici ATL will also play. Reading Holdin’ Court’s native host and the general microphone damaging Ash The Author, it’s also about “looking like Oscar the Dirty Grumpy, with pure poison coming out of his mouth. Newly released at the end of the album Apex Collab with producer Ded Tebiase, you can expect new equipment and yesterday’s curved balls, recently released and still sick. The terrifying technological advances are accumulating in a huge wave of AI, automation, UAVs and behavioral detection that promise a future of redundancy and submission. Sinisterly called Direwolves, these former New Guardz employees are expected to add another dimension to the team’s explosive discography. If you haven’t taken the time to listen to Jaydar’s LP 2019, Shadowz of Awareness, put this shit on your to-do list. Members include K Zorro, Mas Law, Crickstar, Marv Radio, Aynzli Jones, Flowtecs and Ray Vendetta. Trump and Johnson happily jumped hand in hand into the abyss with the British Isles and civilization as we know it, inevitably linked to them. P Nut brings bars, melodies and more salsa than a Tabasco factory and seems to be a necessity in the coming months and years. To go a little further, they have a live band that will strengthen them on Saturday. A remarkable team of composers and producers who enrich the radio and hip-hop releases and beyond. Not to mention the turntablism that moves DJs Cut Malina, Hector K and DJ Wicked into the night. The Spanish-speaking MC Lua Kosta will surpass Spain with a few Fires delivered quickly.