Although we spent most of our time in Boomtown, near Barrio Loco but hip-hop was almost everyw in this beautiful temporary country. As we saw, t was always an unprecedented poster in Boomtown before it went mad. The full acquisition of High Focus has undoubtedly become an important element of many hip-hop weekends: Molotov, DJ Sammy B-Side, CMPND, Ramson Badbonez, Onoe Caponoe, Dabbla, Baxter, Dike and The Four Owls performed concerts, after which Slowthai was closed. Among them were Gossip Girl Mike Skinner on the streets, who climbs the Lviv Dan Falls on Saturday, the legends of Salt aan Pepa celebrating a lively tribute to the 1990s in the city center, and a large number of British and foreign artists. As one of the members of the Boomtown Music Programming Team said in a pre-festival interview: “1Xtra is a festival of young talents that attracts new artists and preserves culture. When the festival season comes to an end and our brains are finally out of the bloodshed, it’s time to think about some of the highlights of recent months. This cover was the first of its kind for the festival and a golden way to open Poco Loco on the first day of music. We met the couple in a dusty place in Coppertown, at the Crocker Club. However, despite some nice surprises we found in our stones, we still managed to achieve only a small part of what we originally wanted. Except for the blows and walks through the festivals at the entrance to the environment, w every turn, like the opening of a hidden door in a maze, is difficult to achieve. And even though the storm has hit us, it has nothing to do with the determination and pure enthusiasm of anyone who makes Boomtown what it is.