Now Simpson has shared the first official trailer to the new movie Sound & Fury Simpson told about this project in a press release: “We entered without prejudice and left with a very thick and smoking Rock’n’Roll album. Stargill Simpson recently starred in Jim Jarmusch’s new film The Dead Don’t Die’t Die’t Die. It can also be seen in Queen & Slim, a new film written and made by Lena Waite. The accompanying album was produced by Simpson and will be released this fall on Elektra Records. Sound & Fury is fully focused on the original Simpson songs. Read “Phones, drones and country music: on the right “Call to Arms” by Stergill Simpson in the field. Simpson announced a new LP and released a trailer on Comic-Con this weekend. Watch the music video for Sound & Fury below. The film will also be released on Netflix screens. This is by far my most psychedelic. And it’s also my heaviest.

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