T are lines about “your” future residence in Las Vegas, “your” status in the Forbes cash list, as well as a sign of “your” struggle with Pusha T last year, w Pushchok tried to understand that Drake became a father – “last year, n******************* because they told me so” – but little about the “Golden Wars of the State”, which won the six performances in “Birds of Prey”. Drake reacts in the first half of the fifth match of the NBA finals in 2019 between the “Golden Warriors of the State” and “Toronto Predators”. For the first time in 24 years of its history, the Toronto Raptors have become official NBA champions, and Drake seems to be the only one who shoots at the gym. Strike Drake’s rapper in the NBA final in two single packets: Omerta and Money in the Grave in Toronto celebrates as if he were the only one sweating on the field. For comparison, “Money in the grave” is a jumping club t-shirt, but it’s more like a relic from Aubrey Scorpion’s double album 2018, especially since it’s the end of the his conflict with Rick Ross, which was destroyed last year. The Best In The World Pack contains only two songs – “Omertà” and “Money in the Grave” with Rick Ross, but each represents a different wavelength for Drizzy. But now, with the team’s first victory in the championship, Drizzy has given the players and their city a new song to celebrate. The rapper released new songs to celebrate his victory in the Raptor Championship. The Toronto rapper and the mainstay of the Court Side have always supported the raptors. The first song, “Omertà”, the Italian code of silence and honor, clearly indicates that it was written recently. The top of the first NPR’s Up First is a message that you need to send the next day. Since 2013, he has been a global team ambassador and even built a new training center.