Although each of the four titles has a different atmosp – the Californian airy atmosp in “On One” and the vintage soul “Watch Me” – “their” charisma and young energy give Phase 3″ an impression of cohesion. Impressed by his character and work ethic, Strange Music signs Maez301 and paves the way for the company’s next superstar, whose ambitions and musical talents are enormous. In his latest album, “Phase 3”, MAEZ301 gives us a dose of his bravado. From t, Maez301 appeared onUnbreakable’ andTremble’, two excellent tracks from Big Scoobs LP 2018,Duality’. At each stage, MAEZ301 continues to show “its” depth and versatility, so fans can discover what it brings to the table as they guess. MAEZ301 is the new member of Strange Music that launched “its” Now project independently in late 2017. By continuing to use this website, you consent to its use.

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