The former police singer appears in the last issue of the set, a bonus track calledLittle Something’. It was surreal and revolutionary in the sense that I never thought it would be possible to sing a duet at a great distance,” Gardo explains. Klein returned in 2015 to work with “elle” on the singer’s latest studio album “Currency Of Man”. Larry and I joke that we’re like an old couple,” Guardot jokes. As a lush musical screen of his junior performer, 13 parts of “Sunset In The Blue” album, with its impressive blend of jazz, pop and Latin style, Gardot takes a unique place: “Elle” can perform such proven jazz patterns as “Moon River” and “I Fall In Love Too Easily” in a fresh and timeless way, but she also writes many her songs, some of which – such as “If You Love Me” and “From Paris With Love” – sound like future patterns. Stylistically, the album is radically different from its 2015 predecessor, “Currency Of Man”, which had a more retrospective shade. “Stylistically, I wanted to return to something more feminine and sensual because we had developed this sound on tour two years earlier,” explains the singer who is returning to her jazz rock. At one point, “eureka”, Gardo, stuck in the “City of Light”, recorded the single “From Paris With Love” in May, using social networks to contact the strings that formed the virtual orchestra, and recorded their parts separately. “We were able to complete the binding gesture by donating – along with Universal and myself – our respective copyrights to a health workers charity,” Gardo says. “Larry Klein introduced me to the song and I fell in love withhis’ writing style,” Gardo says. “Antonio is a fantastic Portuguese singer and artist I’ve heard and admired over the years,” Gardo says. “This album focuses on all aspects of love, and I wanted to continue with Ave Maria,” he reveals. According to Guardo, “his knowledge was crucial to the sound of the album. “This is no better than Al,” he says. His first collaboration with Gardot was on his second album, “My One & Only Thrill,” which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2009 and then received platinum and gold in several countries around the world, making the then 24-year-old singer a world star. “We started demonstrations and recordings of this album in January 2020, hoping to complete it in spring,” the singer explains. Everyone who is familiar with the third album of the singer “The Absence”, released in 2012, knows that Melody Gardot is fond of Brazilian bossa nova and Mediterranean music.

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