Steve Rannazzisi starred in a TV show about fantasy football, but as I do with a lot of conversations, I talked to him about pickup basketball.

Rannazzisi, who played Kevin MacArthur on the FXX hit “The League” for seven seasons, is headlining Goodnights Comedy Club in Raleigh this week and during our Tuesday afternoon phone interview, we talked at length about the improvisational nature of the show, the NFL stars who made guest appearances and the difficulty of getting through scenes since the actors consistently made each other laugh during filming.

We’re doing a show to make people laugh, that we want people at home to laugh at, but we’re technically not allowed to laugh at what we’re saying.

When this thing came out, they were just like, “People make mistakes. We understand who you are. We forgive you and we’re moving on.”

I’m sure t are people that hold grudges and they’re still resentful.

The Trump supporters are usually getting bashed by the people on stage so they’re not happy.

I’m sure t are people out t doing fantastic material and Chappelle did a great job on SNL. He’s probably the best out t, But that’s not my bag, so I don’t want to get lost or alienate a section of the audience because of it.

Once policy starts getting made, decisions start getting made, and things are real, then I think people will take strong stances and that’s when you’ll see more comedians digging in further.