With Marcy Venture and Adrian Gonzalez as partners in this mission, we will be able to support the growing demand for machines, expand our product line and bring our method to people across the country,” they said. The fitness company was founded in May 2020 by Justin and Taylor Norris after the duo developed the LIT Strength Machine, an all-in-one water rower, a Pilates reformer and a rubber band exercise system. “Their engaging content, motivational style and innovative equipment is a winning combination,” Justin said. “Justin and Taylor also discussed new investments in their own statement.” Their investment firm, Marcy Venture Partners, invested in LIT Method with former Los Angeles baseball player Adrian Gonzalez. Larry Marcus, co-founder and managing director of Marcy Venture Partners, issued a statement about the new investment. “Justin and Taylor are tenacious and flexible entrepreneurs with great enthusiasm and passion,” he said. The move comes after Jay-Z sold half of his Ace Of Spades Champagne to LVMH for an undisclosed sum. According to the rapper himself, the decision was made due to the growth of the brand, which has exceeded expectations, and the expertise that he already had. Jay-Z’s next step in the business was to enter the fitness business. In return, Jay got a seat on the board of directors of a mobile payments company.

Marcy Steps Into Fitness