If you’re looking for sunshine after a dark year, you won’t find much on Commentary on Carnage to make you smile. Each song seems to have been steeped in an underground world of factory smoke and smoky bars. Still, t’s something classically English about Statue Stance, a vicious mix of sly humor and harsh cynicism. But if you’re already deep down the rabbit hole, Statue Stance could be the soundtrack to your apocalypse. Statue of Stans is not to guide you through this world. Carnivorous Rib Tickles is like watching Eraserhead as reinterpreted by Broth Lynch Hung after drinking a bottle of cough syrup. Instead, you’re thrown headfirst into a world of bizarre idioms and obscure allusions. In the wrong hands, phrases like “When life gives you lemons, get tequila” can sound like the next Live Laugh Love. The fact that you’re willing to immerse yourself in this world probably says more about you than the music. It’s the relentless, moody atmosp evoked by Hooper’s production of Stax. But speaking with an American accent, it’s more like a commandment than a light-hearted interpretation of an old adage. “Opium Falls” sounds like Charles Manson on a psychedelic journey narrated by Albert Camus. Comments on the massacre are now published in the Northern Structures Record.

Statue Stance – You’Re