Friday, right? New music you want? Well, we have it for you. The 15-track album includes Tanica General Levy, Rodney P., Killa P. Created by Andrew Aurie, Paul Fowler, Christie Barber and Sprague, CHILIAGON combines its “mass” offerings with some of the biggest British producers and artists currently working. His appearance in Scotta’s iconic Jamaican gangster film strengthens “his” reputation as an icon representing the entire reggae culture and inspires a new generation of artists, actors and filmmakers. His Jamaican success has led “him” to a major contract with a record label and several collaborative projects, including KRS-One, Wyclef Jean, Foxy Brown, Pras, Stephen Marley and Damian. “Jr Music Crowns is a global platform for discovering new musicians, the starting point for the world’s best non-signed, independent and newly created musicians. His first album in almost a decade, CHILIAGON, is a revolutionary work by one of the most influential artists in the dance movement. Born in Kingston, Spragga Benz was born in the early 1990s with a series of underground hits designed to help define the genre of the dance hall.

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