[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[/embedyt] Some fans will always have their favorite Tempa T songs, but “Next Hype” seems to be everyone’s favorite song; this song is known all over the world, which is a great achievement since my founding as MC, and I just wanted to charge it. It’s a classic mess for life! People are always telling me that they have done a lot at the crime scene. T are some, you know: prose writer, Stormsey, Izzy Gibbs, 10 Dixon; t’s Loski, Heddie One, DigDat, Unknown T; t’s Digga D, Fredo, QB, Myers, 67, Millie Major and of course the big names in the game: Giggs, Double E, Wiley, Futsi and t’s a lot, lots of others. I first met Tempu Timpu Ti, and most of the dirty goals, in 2006, through the DVD “Non-Stop Working”. Next Hype” gave me a lot of opportunities, and it brought me a lot of progress in the world of dirt. After remixing the funk house and thousands of others later, yes, “Next Hype” helped to strengthen my legacy in the game. It’s always good for other types or styles of dirt to shine on. The third stage was called “Durable”, which became the legendary “Next Noise”. The album is called BAIT IT’s BAIT IT’s BAIT IT’s BAIT IT’s BAIT IT’s BAIT IT’s BAIT IT’sBAIT and is now available on iTunes, Spotify and all other streaming platforms. In fact, it wasn’t Dark E. Fricker, but J.J., then P.J. Money, whom I knew from the beginning. The crime had ups and downs, but I think he’s in good shape now. COMPLEX is involved in several affiliate marketing programs, which means that COMPLEX receives commissions for purchases through our links to retailers’ websites. Like the simulation scene, I think it’s an evolution of who we used to be.