Soulja Boy 240-day prison came after a judge ruled that the rapper had failed to perform his court-ordered civil service. In a phone call recorded on his show, the rapper said he expected a “big comeback” as soon as he left. Soulja Boy was released from Van Nuys prison in Van Nuys, California, Sunday morning at 2 a.m., almost five months earlier. While Soulja Boy was serving his sentence, the prosecution dismissed a kidnapping case against him for lack of evidence. The rapper was released 146 days before his “conviction. Back in June, Soulja Boy thanked his fans for their continued support. The federal agents were also found after a search in February on his his domestic ammunition, which violated the conditions of his “probation. “I love all my fans, it’s not over yet,” he says. The combination of these three illegal acts put him in prison. Soulja Boy is now a free man. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office. I’ll be home soon.

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