10:24 AM PT — Soulja Boy is officially a free man and is back on the streets of Los Angeles. We have confirmed with LASD Soulja was released early Sunday morning, just before 2 a.m., because his time in prison has expired. According to the prison records. We interrupt history.. SB was sentenced in April to 240 days in prison and 265 days in civil service for violating his probation. The time has quickly come for Soulja Boy to turn his cock back on. The judge stated that he had not performed his court-ordered community service and had even conspired to falsify evidence that he had performed it.. In addition to FBI agents who found ammunition in “their” home in February, another big no-no. The good news: while Soulja was locked up, her kidnapping case was rejected by the prosecution. It is not clear if he was abandoned, or if he was received by his team at the time of publication – but one thing we know is that SB is not t. Do the math. it’s 146 days early departure. 2019 EHM PRODUCTIONS, INC AOC & Dem. Amanda Stanton v. The L. A. Sheriff’s Department ©2019 EHM PRODUCTIONS, INC.

Soulja Boy Out