[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3y3V7N4nuk[/embedyt] The album is closer to the classic soul sound of “Window”, which channels a sort of southern soul sound of “Clean Up Woman”, while something completely different uses the old “A Place Like This”, a handcrafted and fashionable footwork. Just two years ago, the world of progressive soul was so impressed by DARA TUCKER’s album “Oklahoma Rain” in Nashville. T are references to jazz, country, gospel, American and many other things, and you can enjoy more of Mrs. Tucker’s eclecticism in her new album “The Seven Colours”. The album is considered as a whole – from cherry to cherry, but the most important thing is the dark and obscure “End Of The River” and “Song Of Freedom”. These cuts were difficult to define and difficult to define, but they were really full of soul, but not of a classical soul. Registration only takes a few minutes and offers more possibilities.