Sorah has not only made his choreography and the quality of the movement, but has also developed his professional brand as a dancer – products with motivating meanings, faithful and committed social media guidance and opportunities for other dancers and choreographers along the way. In Sorah Yang’s field of vision you can learn 3 different characters. Want to dance like Sorah Yang? Then learn to dance like Sorah Yang of Sorah Yang of Sorah Yang of Sorah Yang of Sorah Yang. That’s why we included 2 lessons in the witch’s field of view, in which she advises you to harmonize your life, stay true to yourself and gain confidence in your dance. As a dancer, choreographer and superstar chef, Sorah has found a balance between many responsibilities. T are many things you can learn from Sorah – and you will find them all in this program. And she teaches you all these lessons in her new vision program at STEEZY Studio. If you learn a song or a free style in the future, you have control over the amount of energy needed to adjust the song. To become difficult, you really need to understand the entire energy spectrum, from the minimum to the super-wise. It’s not always easy, and if you, as a dancer, try to achieve your goals, it won’t be easy for you either. Each version is made with a different amount of energy. One of Sorah’s greatest strengths is the 9 lessons of the program. But don’t be fooled by “your” powerful execution. .