The 1st wave in the beginning of April was saved by the Old Town Road, which was again mixed and discussed until death, but still quite high, yet tacitly brave rival on the way. 1 Look, and perhaps the name, which could be the starting point of the “Old City Road”, it is clear that t are no negative feelings between the two young stars, who are considered to be the new industry stars and who are in their infancy. A few weeks before Lil Nas X started its historic journey, the fifth single from the album “Bad Guy” was released the same day the album fell and slowly but surely not. The reign of Lil Nas X’s single “Old Town Road” lasted much longer than any other single, even the man himself. Taylor Swift’s first single, Reputation, which was eagerly awaited, differed greatly from the his past by the presence of an artist different from the his last album. All the songs of Lil Nas X “Old Town Road” are blocked from getting into the slot number 1 – it’s all the long-awaited singles from other mass artists, whose skill did not allow them to reach the desired peak of painting. All the songs that Lil Nas X blocked on the “Old Town” road will not reach Taylor Swift – “Me! Feat. 2 after the release, Taylor’s first single, which is not included in the number 2, w he stays for a few weeks. While “Bad Guy” deserves second place, because the music world continues to fall in love with a black gay cowboy.

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