We are told that the song’s co-writer, Randy Bowland, was inspired to write it after the death of Chadwick Boseman The beautiful song and its subsequent production proved to be a deep and moving meditation on the fine line between life and death for all, and so its relevance to the devastation of the pandemic speaks for itself. Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent soul news and review site compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, two of the most experienced and respected soul music writers in the UK. Other songs include the hot and addictive “Say Yes,” the love classic, “Love You Better,” and the beautiful romantic duet with Maysa, “Give You.” It’s a quiet 24-carat storm that feels more like a monologue than a song, though it reaches its climax! But I’m not sure if it’s time for a lighthearted album. You may remember that he released the wonderful single “So Many Good Die Young” in the middle of last year. His wonderful album “All Rise” was supposed to be released in February 2020, but was postponed. It’s a sophisticated and constant song with a chorus that rocks the pot. Classic Will Downing in every sense. When the pandemic broke out last year, the musicians responded in every way possible. The septet opens with “Stand Up,” another single from the album. The album was finally released in August to worldwide acclaim and sold very well, raising the question, “Why wait? Could Downing be the “prince of sophisticated soul?” With such evidence, no doubt about it. Contact us, we offer very competitive rates to place your ad on our website. Some of those who have prepared new music have saved their new material in hopes of getting a boost.