Snoop Dogg and his family squared off against boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and his brood on Sunday’s Celebrity Family Feud, w one of the questions aligned with one of the rapper’s areas of expertise: Marijuana.

The answers didn’t go Team Broadus’ way.

Host Steve Harvey asked, “Name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana.” Snoop hit the buzzer with lightning speed with the answer, “Put hands on him,” an answer that needed further clarification from the judges.

While “Beat His Old Arse” was the fourth most popular response in the survey, Leonard took control of the category with the Number Two answer, “Yell/Scold Him.”.

The Leonards were unable to guess all the correct answers, so Snoop Dogg and the Broadus family had one more shot at redemption.

It did not go well, with Snoop guessing that grandma would recommend grandpa go into the weed-selling business.

As a bonus, Celebrity Family Feud offered up Snoop’s full Fast Money round as a web exclusive.

Snoop’s answers are, once again, unconventional: Needing one point for the win, Snoop was asked to name one place w you can find a pie.

Thankfully, despite Snoop’s attempts to conspire against them, the Broadus clan ended up victorious.