JUDY WOODRUFF: Finally tonight: Motown legend Smokey Robinson and the music he’s made popular for decades.

Decades later, the 76-year-old Robinson was feted at a concert of his music at Washington’s DAR Constitution Hall, as the winner of the Library of Congress prestigious Gershwin Award for lifetime contributions to popular song.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Diana Ross grew up four doors down the street from me, Aretha Franklin right around the corner, you know, and the Temptations right across the area, I mean, right across the avenue, and the Four Tops.

If I say the difference between 25 minutes and five years, I mean, what does a song have to have, what does a Smokey Robinson song have to have for you to feel you have got it?

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Without you hearing a melody or music or anything like that, it would say something to you.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Yes, I look back on it all the time.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: The songwriting business is alive and thriving, man.