Music Crowns is a global platform for opening up music artists, a point of contact for the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed music artists. Sir Ivan Florida resumed the classic dance hit “Get Together” as a dance hit and became viral. The award gave Sir Ivan the highest award among almost 5000 nominees, including those from the United States and England, so Sir Ivan is now in the Hall of Fame with Scorsese and Spielberg. The viral success of the video brought “him” the prestigious Remi Gold Award in the category “Video of the Year”. Bowlent Mustafa is the owner of OBs Music UK and supports talented artists “Under the Radar”, whom everyone should know. All net income from the Get Together program will be donated to the Peacekeepers Fund, a charity organization that raises awareness and supports people suffering from post-traumatic stress. Originally published by The Youngbloods in 1967, Sir Ivan has turned it into a fascinating hymn with many synthesizing rhythms. Bowlent lives in London, UK, and is an enthusiastic and passionate supporter of independent, unsigned musicians. Is it Friday? Do you want new music? Well, we have it for you. None of these ideas have come true before. NEW JERSEY – Jan. MONTKLER, N.J. – Ten.

Sir Ivan