Open a bottle of your favorite Merlot, sit back, relax and enjoy this timeless jam from one of the newest sensations on the scene, DIXSON. Here’s a real winner on the new RnB scene with this soothing and melodic track, perfect for you and your lover. His lyrics are incredibly seductive, and this track celebrates the eternal essence of romance and love. DIXSON has a great presence on the mic with innovative lyrics and complementary music. Singing Room has been the voice of R&B around the world since 2005. DIXSON’s “Kream” or “Kitty Rules Everything Around Me” is taking the indie R&B scene by storm. That’s what makes this track so great, not to mention the funky music smoothed out by that cool RnB feel. This song is awesome and burns like wildfire on the indie charts. The essence of Prince, DIXSON has an unparalleled flow with true originality and craftsmanship. This is one of those ballads that takes you back to a simpler time when t was romance. The vibes are positive, and the reviews on this track are right on the money. Here we have a hit single that will continue to be praised and loved by new and old listeners alike. Her voice soars to the heavens and then descends into a captivating baritone voice. Soulful, beautiful and gorgeous are some of the words used to describe this single. The harmonic and hypnotic rhythms put you in a trance and leave you longing for more. Her sounds are absolutely stunning, with a range that takes you in every direction.

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