It is not often that one finds a song in which the instrumental production and vocal arrangements have several interesting elements and layers at the same time, with the production as a whole not dominating the feel and perception of the song by the listener. As for the subject matter, Sidibe sings about the remarkable experience of a flawless and unadulterated relationship, similar to breathing or “breath work.” Similarly, she moves from metaphorical symbolism to “straightforward” expressions to convey her message. Winner of the Soul Train Award for “Best Soul Music Website,” Singersroom offers top R&B singers, honest R&B interviews, new R&B music, soul music, R&B news, R&B videos and editorials on fashion and lifestyle trends. Nico Stadi has been involved in creating Sidibe’s music as a producer and collaborator, and it’s easy to hear that they share a love and respect for their craft. Sidibe avoids the traditional song structure of two verses, two choruses and a bridge, delivering his message when he reaches the chorus. Sonically, the song is a mix of mature contemporary R&B balladry and Enya-inspired world music sounds. Sidibe easily weaves intimate, semi-autobiographical portraits of love: “It’s hard for me to write something without a kernel of truth or experience,” “She” explains. It’s a testament to his talent that Sidibe may be singing songs by Shania Twain and Jamiroquai one minute and Sade and Amy Winehouse the next, but he always creates vibes that feel authentic and unique. After leaving his record, Sidibe describes how the depression that overtook her forced her to make a decision that changed her life forever: “I was at my lowest point. Besides music, Sidibe’s Qigong training gave her a sense of purpose and belonging, which is embodied in her current project and latest single, “Breathwork.” It’s a rarity in contemporary popular R&B music that perhaps makes this song stand out among today’s musical offerings. Behind Sidibe’s mellow demeanor and lively charisma is a complex woman who talks about the perseverance needed to go “her own” way as an independent artist. But while the vocals may sound familiar, Sidibe’s sound, voice and style are clearly “hers.” Sidibe still doesn’t know how Prince discovered her song. When she was in high school, she decided to homeschool so she could focus on writing and recording music.

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