The Giants are one of seven teams remaining in the chase for Shohei Ohtani, the “Babe Ruth of Japan” who will consider signing a free-agent deal with every West Coast team except the A’s. Ohtani’s representatives informed the Giants, Dodgers, Angels, Padres, Mariners, Cubs and Rangers that they are the finalists for the star pitcher and outfielder.

Giants fans can now officially dream of an outfield with Ohtani and slugger Giancarlo Stanton, when Ohtani isn’t dazzling people while on the mound.

While the Giants are also a finalist to acquire the National League MVP Stanton, he’ll be much more costly than Ohtani.

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The Marlins reportedly prefer the Cardinals’ offer, which includes top pitching prospect Sandy Alcantara, and calls for St. Louis to absorb more of Stanton’s remaining contract than the Giants are currently offering to do.

Several teams, including the A’s, said Sunday they were told they had been eliminated from the Ohtani chase, and the seven remaining were confirmed Monday by The Associated Press.

Ohtani will be forced to sign a minor league contract, as per terms of MLB’s collective bargaining agreement.

The Giants, along with the Cubs and Dodgers, are restricted to $300,000 maximums in the signing period through June 15 as penalties for exceeding their bonus pools in 2015-16, and the Padres are limited to $300,000 for going over in 2016-17.