Shawn Mendes proved he has nerves of steel by playing James Corden’s game of “Flinch” on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Late Show.

To up the ante, Corden asked each contestant to hold a martini during the game and prevent any spillage.

Because Mendes is only 19, he had to hold a glass of milk.

Corden added an avocado to his mix of arsenal for Mendes.

Keeping the artist in suspense, Corden asked him if he was more nervous than when he performed “In My Blood” earlier in the show.

“I feel a little less nervous now, but I feel like it’s coming any second now,” he said.

“It’s too much suspense. Shoot it!” Mendes said, adding that the suspense made him “Really uncomfortable.”

He surprised Mendes by firing after the first number.

Luckily, Mendes remained fairly still-spilling only a little milk on his hand.