Crahan adds: “Sometimes I don’t even like to admit that I’m an artist, because then I could become a cliché, and then my thirst for it fades. While Crahan is best known for Slipknot “ he” has made music videos, made a film, participated in a film and was the driving force behind Slipknots 2012 The Apocalyptic Nightmare photo book. I tell people that I suffer from artistic schizophrenia. I asked my mother what was wrong with me. Talking to GQ, Crahan said, “I’d like to do more books, do some gallery exhibitions, etc.”. “I was very interested in the art of living,” Crahan adds. It took me 20 years to convince people of the true meaning of the word “art. “Every morning I get up, go out, look around and walk: What’s really going on? It’s my daily inspiration. I realize that we live and work constantly on each other’s art, even on things like borders. I do three religious things every day: I work with music, or photos, or movies. Slipknot is going to take a long time to Crahan for now. All that’s mine is to learn to appreciate everything around me and to recognize the artistic ability behind these creations. 1, I need to take time for myself and do other stupid things. I love making our music, but now that the album is out and it’s number 2019, Loudwire is part of Loudwire Network, Townsquare Media, Inc. and the band has already booked dates until March 2020. And then everything I draw, paint, make collages, write, write, write, write, write, direct, produce.

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