Back in May, Shania Twain previewed her long-awaited new album for media in Nashville, nervously addressing the group as if she wasn’t sure how the music would be received.

The album, titled Now, arrives on September 29th, 15 years after her previous full-length Up! – and in the wake of some personal upheavals that assailed her in the interim.

As Twain hinted, the album doesn’t sound like her blockbuster recordings from the Lange era.

You took a long break from recording and performing in the mid-2000s and have slowly worked your way back to releasing a new album.

T were confidence bridges along the way that I built and the [song] writing was ongoing and then I just thought, ‘Well, the only other thing to do now is tackle a studio album [laughs] and be the singer of all these songs I’ve been writing.

Why was it important to you to write the entire album alone?Even when I was realizing maybe I could record another album, then the fear was, “W do I begin?” For the last 15 years I’ve been collaborating with the same person.

Do you think of the album as a country release, or is it something more broad?I think t’s absolutely country influence in the album, no doubt about that.