Led by Miles and A.J., who shot videos for Billy Aylish Jaden and Kelani and others, the band shot “No Other Way” using a giant LED wall and virtual production, a new technique used in the first season of Mandalorian and the next Batman movie. American pop trio SHAED has left the official video with its new single “No Other Way”. With a deep understanding of the moment of vulnerability, the trio has discovered a wealth of strength and creativity that inspired “No Other Way” and paved the way for their first record to be released next year. No Other Way” is the long-awaited sequel to the first American hit Multi-Platinum 6+ BILLION “Trampoline”, which caught ZAYN’s attention and then worked with them on a new version of the song. Music Crowns is a global platform for music artists to discover, a point of contact for the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed music artists. The band would continue “Trampoline” with international tours and festival dates, but like many artists, the pandemic has changed everything. The trio explores beautiful nature and fights against the elements, while singer Chelsea Lee embodies her powerful performance in the band’s new national anthem. In this video we had the opportunity to experience a sandstorm in the desert, a blizzard and a thunder monster face to face with the latest technology, all from the studio in Tampa. For the first time in many years, SHAED had the opportunity to slow down, redirect as an artist and take root at home. SHAED, consisting of Chelsea Lee, her husband Spencer Ernst and his twin brother Max Ernst, had big plans for 2020. As a trio, we’re ready to face everything that life brings us,” the group says. DYLI returns with a new collaboration of “Cotton Candy” ft. Zip, from Delaware, USA, is releasing a new song called “Personal. DYLI is back with a new personal motivational project, “Cotton Candy,” ft. Kalin: “We wrote this song to remind him to live in the moment and do what he thinks is right without anything or anyone getting in his way. Is it Friday? Do you want a new song? Well, we have it for you.

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