The 2016 Summer Olympics are now in full swing, with women’s singles in tennis beginning today.

That means but one thing for fans cheering on Team USA: Serena Williams is hitting the court.

The 2010 French Open found Williams gripping her racket with a foiled, metallic polish job-complete with polka dots and rhinestones-a look that has been followed by vintage crimson, speckled purple, neon orange bedecked with leopard print and lightning bolts, and bubblegum pink detailed in black.

Off the court, Williams has taken her love of nail adornment to the next level, collaborating with O.P.I. on a color collection a few years back and even training to become a certified nail tech in her free time.

Game-day manicures offer a miniature, accessible platform for self-expression and national pride.

Here’s hoping that as Williams represents Team USA in a way only she can, she’ll also serve up a series of fun, colorful looks as ace as her game.