Semler’s new album, Preacher’s Baby explores faith through a gay lens In February, an album unexpectedly hit the iTunes charts for Christian albums: Preacher’s Baby, in which Grace Semler Baldrige touched the depths and boundaries of Christian culture. Semler spoke with NPR’s Michel Martin about what it means for her to climb the Christian album charts. In Preacher’s Baby, Semler explores faith and church life through a bizarre lens: everything from the meaning of the gospel to activism to what goes on in youth groups. I remember that Young Life [a Christian youth organization that has been criticized for its anti-LGBTQ policies] started coming out of our school when I was in high school. So with this project and, I think, with the visibility I’ve had lately, I hope it can serve as an invitation for other Christians to look and learn more about affirmation theology, which is a cornerstone of so many Christian denominations. So it shouldn’t surprise you that an album called “Preacher’s Kid” by a musician whose father was a pastor is at the top of the iTunes charts for Christian albums. And I remember being introduced to a very different Christian doctrine that really confused me and made me realize that my sexuality and my identity were things I needed to hide and be ashamed of. Grace Semler Baldridge, pictured from the lyric video for her song “Razor’s Edge,” released in 2020. It’s otherwise okay, too, especially when it comes to being gay and coming out as a teenager. Obviously, t are horror stories circulating about how people are forced into conversion therapy or how people are disassociated. And somehow the LGBTQ+ community has been spared this dignity in many Christian circles. This happened last month with the new album by Grace Semler Baldridge, who plays Semler. Did you experience homosexuality when you were young? Did you feel it was something to hide? T are certain denominations in church communities, church families that are more open than others. So when I was sent to youth activities and things like that, even though I was raised bishop, other young people were from the evangelical tradition.

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